Mark Zuckerberg just told Congress to upend the internet - The Verge (2020):

If Facebook starts lobbying for the PACT Act, that’s potentially a big deal. Facebook was a key backer of FOSTA-SESTA, a bill that removed Section 230 protections for content violating anti-prostitution laws. That bill became law in 2018, and Facebook itself was fairly well-equipped to deal with the changes — while smaller sites like Craigslist got hit hard. The PACT Act could have similar effects. Facebook already has a legion of moderators and a policy team that releases detailed transparency reports. A smaller site could have far fewer resources. The PACT Act has a “small business provider” exception, but it’s a fairly narrow one.

While Threads opened the firehouse of user content onto Mastodon, Meta has been/is fighting for more regulation and changes to section 230 that would make it harder for small instances to operate.

Why aren’t Fediverse leader acknowledging this?

Jason Velazquez @fromjason