The App Store, Spotify, and Europe’s thriving digital music market:

Despite that success, and the App Store’s role in making it possible, Spotify pays Apple nothing. That’s because Spotify — like many developers on the App Store — made a choice. Instead of selling subscriptions in their app, they sell them on their website. And Apple doesn’t collect a commission on those purchases.

Interesting approach by Apple.

Consumers aren’t as dumb as the openness camp thinks they are. The reason why the average person isn’t rushing to support Spotify, Epic Games, and Meta, is because those companies are quantifiably anti-consumer.

Many would sooner cancel a subscription than give these companies unfettered access to their credit card and user data.

These tech bros might not see it now, but rushing to publicly defend a company like Meta is doing unreparable damage to their reputations and their openness religion.

Jason Velazquez @fromjason