Threads now lets you transfer your data to Google Drive, except it didn’t work, and now Meta has all my Google data.

This “feature” is presumably part of the Data Transfer Initiative funded by Meta and Google. Out of morbid curiosity, I tried it.

On its website, DTI states it’s an “organization dedicated to the mission of empowering technology users.” Cool.

It seems more likely that Big Tech figured out it was better to trade our data amongst themselves, like baseball cards— I’ll trade you this pregnancy announcement for that postpartum diagnosis.

Anyway, the first time I tried the transfer, Meta shot an error with a message that it needed more permissions. I granted. The second time, it created an empty folder in my Google Drive. The third time+, it stopped responding.

Why Meta needs to see all my Google Docs, plus the names and contacts of everyone I’ve ever shared with, so that I can move some photos is unclear.

I don’t feel very empowered, tbh.

Screenshot: Meta has this access&10;111o app vallo pellnooluntu.&10;• See and edit your documents (including settings and metadata)&10;• Create new documents&10;• Upload and download your documents&10;• Organize and delete your documents&10;• See the names and emails of people you share your documents with&10;N&10;• Share and stop sharing your documents with others&10;This app will be able to do the same things that you can do. Changes made by this application will be attributed to you.&10;There may be sensitive information in your documents, like financial records, medical reports, or photos.
Jason Velazquez @fromjason