Blogging platforms

I’m listing some blog platform recommendations for a friend, so figured I should just make that list public.

The following are platforms I’m familiar with:

Bear Blog: Simple and loved in the blogging community. I believe it’s free with a paid option. If I didn’t have a custom site, I’d probably use Bear, or Also simple and loved. No free version though. Price starts at $6/mo. I used for a few months and enjoyed it.

NeoCities: Nostalgia! I love this concept. I haven’t been through the set up process, but it looks like you may need to know some basic HTML/CSS. There’s a social element with featured blogs. Service is free with a paid option. Some of my favorite blogs are on NeoCities.

Ghost: Feature-rich. Geared toward professional publishers, but anyone can use. If you’re just starting out, might be overkill. I used Ghost a few years ago, before its glow-up. It’s a great platform. Starts at $9/mo. If you’re adventurous, self-hosting a ghost blog is much cheaper. Simple to use but has some cool features. There’s also a social element which I like. I use daily for sharing interesting links. But long-form works just fine. Starts at $5/mo. Their blog feature “weblog” is still in beta. But I’m adding them to the list because I love their service so much. It’s also sort of difficult to explain. You get your own web address, a linktree-esque webpage, a Mastodon account on their server, plus some other cool stuff for $20/year. Not bad.

A few platforms I’m unfamiliar with but looked cool described as Tumblr meets Wikipedia.

PostHaven: Up to ten blogs for $5/mo.

Blot: Turns a folder into a website.

TypeShare: Comes with an idea generator and outliner

A few recommends from the Mastodon community after posting:

Note: Some of these perhaps fall on the more technie side and may require some set up.. “Your journal on the small net.” “a blog platform for hackers” (hell yeah) “Naked blogging platform, for minimalists. Just write.” (Love) Opens to a blank canvas and a publish button. Nice. “Pika makes blogging easy and beautiful.”

Jason Velazquez @fromjason